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Adhearsion 3: A Roadmap

Time Flies It’s been almost 5 years since we released Adhearsion 1.0. Adhearsion 2.0 was released more than 3 years ago. In total, Adhearsion has been around for 9 years now. Wow, that’s a really long time. Along the way, we’ve built a bunch of cool applications with Adhearsion which now underpin several big businesses […]

Making Adhearsion Compatible with Asterisk 13

Asterisk version 12 introduced a number of changes both in its internals and the various control APIs. While these changes were important, they also were not backward compatible (and this is a good thing). Since Asterisk 13, the Long Term Support release, was made in October of last year, we’ve been looking at what it […]

At The Intersection of WebRTC and Traditional Telephony

Since the beginning, Mojo Lingo’s focus has been building real-time communication applications. Our clients have often hired us because of our reputation as innovative and progressive; many of the applications we build are on the forefront of communications technology. One of the technologies we regularly employ, and the focus of this post, is WebRTC. Many […]

Five Tenets: Referenceability

This post is part of a series on the Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application. Referenceability As daily users of the web and the internet, we’ve all become very accustomed to the idea of clicking on things to see more information. Perhaps the most powerful and enduring gift that Tim Berners-Lee gave […]


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