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Your customers demand real-time communication. Mojo Lingo can help.

At Mojo Lingo, we create custom, multi-channel, real-time communication applications.

Our expertise ranges from sophisticated IVR to multi-device conference calls to cloud-based automated personal assistants for your sales force or customers. We help mobile phone carriers, network operators, VoIP service providers and enterprises connect with their customers and find new ways to become relevant and compelling in their respective markets.

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AstriCon 2014: Building Intelligent Assistants

Using Asterisk to Create “Her” In the film “Her” the protagonist falls in love with his computer, an artificial intelligence operating system. While most of us already love Asterisk, things really get interesting when we give Asterisk a voice, and … view more

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AstriCon 2014: Measuring VoIP Performance

Tipping The Scales: Predicting and Measuring VoIP Application Performance This is where we attempt to answer the oft-heard question: "Can it scale?" Floating around the Internet are plenty of benchmarks and wildly varying of numbers that claim Asterisk can support … view more

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RubyConf Brasil 2014: DevOps For Data Center

Quality Software Engineering For Your Data Center DevOps is the melding of minds between the development/engineering and operations communities to form a super-discipline with the best of the experience of both sides as a force for stability, flexibility, efficiency and … view more

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RingRx is a cloud based communication tool that helps doctors easily communicate with their patients. The tool was created to solve common challenges with live answering services: Cost – Live answering services are costly Accuracy – Live operators are prone … view more

Jun 18, 2014

I’ve now been home from Madrid for a couple of days and have had a chance to reflect on TADHack 2014. TADHack was a must-see event for Mojo Lingo this year, and the reason is simple: it’s the only conference … view more

Jun 11, 2014
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