Adhearsion 1.2.1 is released

The Adhearsion team is pleased to announce the release of Adhearsion version 1.2.1. This is a bugfix release. A summary of the updates:

  • Removed the restful_rpc component since it is now distributed as a gem.
  • Allow overriding the path to a component in the testing framework so as to support new style components (lib/)
  • Added a GUID to the default recording filename to ensure uniqueness
  • ECONNRESET exceptions are now handled as a call hangup
  • Fixed escaping of TTS strings containing commas when used with Cepstral via #speak
  • Made logging exceptions the responsibility of the framework rather than the app so exceptions are logged consistently

This is a simple bugfix release and there should be no surprises when upgrading your Adhearsion applications. You can find a full diff of changes here.

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