Nothing is more important than the
relationships you build with your customer.

Real-time video and voice platforms are the keys to implementing clear, fast, and effective communication throughout your organization and to your customers and clients. These tools have transformed how businesses operate and the behaviors of consumers all around the globe. This new media culture brings with at a new economy that requires an innovative approach to doing business.

Staying connected is easier than ever with the
communication tools available today.

The technologies that have developed around video continue to evolve at a rapid pace. They’ve become more cost-effective for businesses and consumers, which has led to an even faster rate of growth in their adoption and usage. These platforms have now become integral to the ways in which the entire world communicates. The growth rate of real-time communication (RTC) platforms will likely exceed the expectations of industry analysts.

But this can create a number of issues for businesses.

Your customers now have greater control than ever over the ways in which they communicate. In order to meet their needs, your business must have the tools to provide the same face-to-face contact.

That’s why a growing number of small-, medium-, and enterprise-level businesses are now using video, instant messaging, and social networks as their primary methods of communication. This has also led to a growth in the use of RTC tools for managing projects and collaborating with partners, whether across the country or across the globe.

Businesses rely on Mojo Lingo to implement powerful communication tools into their businesses and organizations.

Real-Time Communications Apps

RTC apps make it possible to create a seamless experience through the use of video, chat, etc.:

● Videoconference
● VoIP
● Chatting
● IM
● eCommerce transactions
● Online gaming
● Community storage solutions

WebRTC Makes Remote Work Easy

Remote workforces are steadily increasing as businesses begin to utilize new RTC technologies. With these tools, new and existing businesses alike are innovating the ways in which they operate while leveraging the flexibility of a more distributed team.

This streamlines communications among their team members and creates the agility that forward-thinking businesses need in order to succeed in today’s marketplace.

A remote workforce requires the right tools and strategies to function as a unit and develop a strong business culture for long-term growth and success.

With Mojo Lingo’s custom RTC services your business will:

● Improve your client’s experience
● Reduce costs that can take away from your bottom line
● Implement multi-channel real-time communications that improve efficiency and optimize workflow

Our services benefit VoIP providers, network operators, and carriers who need to connect with customers while providing greater value.

RTC transforms businesses. Yet its true capabilities have yet to be discovered. This makes it a long-term investment that enhances how your business operates at the level of your team members and customers.

Mojo Lingo develops comprehensive RTC strategies and guides you in their most effective implementations.

Customized Contact Center Applications

We work within a variety of business models and goals including the enhancement of existing tools or the service experience of your customers.

Your business has unique needs that require customized RTC tools. Mojo Lingo provides “out of the box” solutions that are tailored to your objectives and key performance indicators.

These are just some of the RTC applications Mojo Lingo has implemented:

● Real-Time Communication Applications
● WebRTC Solutions
● IVR Development
● Contact Center Applications
● Innovation Labs

Mojo Lingo helps to transform the way businesses engage with their organization and customers. We provide the expertise and experience needed to design, implement, and continually innovate communication tools for a wide range of businesses.

RTC can have a significant impact on the revenue for business. Mojo Lingo is proud to be at the forefront of the RTC revolution and help organizations find the customized solutions they need with minimal risk.

Our RTC solutions are developed to promote the growth of a business, and drive revenue to the bottom line. We have the experts to focus on RTC solutions for mobile, web, landline, and VoIP. We develop voice applications that work like magic and replace the inefficient systems that are creating obstacles to growth—RTC solutions that are developed within the timeframe and budget needed.

Using Mojo Lingo’s customized RTC solutions meets the communication demands of your customers and increases the ROI for your business.