The changes in voice technology are enabling even more powerful solutions to some of our current challenges. This is a summary of what is included in the attached presentation.

• Proprietary
• Limited/No API connectivity
• Islands of functionality
• Expensive hardware
• Lack of management tools/automation

The Last 10 Years (2001-2010)
• Emergence of VoIP (SIP, H.323, IAX2, MGCP, others)
• Standardization of SIP
• Smarter phone endpoints
• Convergence with IM/Presence
• Beginnings of Unified Communications

The Next 10 Years (2011-2020)
• Open Architecture
• Federation
• Multi-modal integration (video, voice, IM, text)
• Collaboration (shared desktop, shared documents)

Adhearsion will be the widely accepted, default framework of choice for developing real-time communication applications.

The popularity of Rails was/is how easy and rapid it makes developing web applications. It’s not a just simplification, it’s an abstraction, a higher plane of thinking.

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