What is Mojo Lingo?

Mojo Lingo is a geographically diverse team of experts and specialists in the realm of Real Time Communication. In particular, we focus on applications where voice is a key component of the communication. We like to think of ourselves as changing the way you engage – with your colleagues, with your customers, with your friends & family.

This video shows the team hard at work, creating a new voice application. At the beginning, you see timeline planning for the requested features. Then, charting the overall flow of the application. Next, implementation details. Finally, we wrap up testing and get ready for deployment. It takes a complete team to take these ideas and turn them into reality, but that’s what we do at Mojo Lingo.


Tell us your story!

Glad you asked. Our founder, Ben Klang, wrote a bit about how and why he started Mojo Lingo.