Adhearsion Developers – At home, at Mojo Lingo

AdhearsionMojo Lingo has long been a sponsor of the Adhearsion project. Over time, we’ve met many talented Adhearsion developers and Ruby on Rails developers who came from the Ruby community. Many of them have even come to work with us. Now those talented Adhearsion developers and voice application experts are available to hire on your next voice application project.


Advancing the state of the art in Open Source Voice Apps

Mojo Lingo developers have been responsible for many of the new features released in Adhearsion. Just to name a few:

  • Speech recognition support, with native SRGS grammars
  • Text-to-speech support, with native SSML documents
  • The world’s first Rayo client implementation
  • A high performance, highly flexible calling engine running on both standard Ruby and JRuby
  • A consistent, predictable release cycle with strong backward compatibility guarantees based on SemVer


Apps for Business

Telephony developers now have powerful new tools available, and it’s revolutionizing the real-time communications industry. The flexibility of a general purpose programming language like Ruby, combined with a proven-in-the-field telephony engine like Asterisk or FreeSWITCH means that any integration becomes possible. APIs are changing the world, and Adhearsion is the glue that ties the voice layer to the rest of the world.


Mojo Lingo Team

Mojo Lingo Team, December 2013

As the leading team of Adhearsion experts in the world, we invite you to check out our blog. When you’re ready, contact us to learn more about how Mojo Lingo can leverage Adhearsion to build your next real-time communications application.

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