Mojo Lingo is excited to return for its sixth straight year to AstriCon. Ben Klang, our founder, will talk about WebRTC: How it Works and How It Breaks.

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Mojo Lingo has been delivering Asterisk applications since 2007

Mojo Lingo’s team are experts in building Asterisk applications. For 7 years we have worked with clients around the world to create powerful, reliable, and innovative speech applications with Asterisk.

Our past projects have included:

We have worked with Asterisk Integrators and Digium Resellers as their trusted outsourced development partner. Read on to learn more about our capabilities, or contact us now for an in-depth conversation about your Asterisk development needs.

IVRs & Speech Recognition


Mojo Lingo is a LumenVox Skills Certified Partner

As a LumenVox Skills Certified Partner, Mojo Lingo is on a short list of recognized experts in applied speech technology. Let us share our experience implementing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-To-Speech (TTS), and Call Progress Analysis (CPA). These technologies enable strongly positive customer service outcomes through self-service, while reducing agent utilization and cost.

Automate the Contact Center

As a contact centers grows, the need to empower agents grows too. Businesses already record a tremendous amount of information about their own processes and customers. Yet contact center agents and other employees often struggle to get the right information at their fingertips when its most important: when talking to a customer. Mojo Lingo has worked with contact centers to bridge that gap, by finding the information wherever it is stored (databases, web services, directories, APIs) and get it in front of the people who need it. Read about some of our experience here.

Scalability & Disaster Recovery

As strong believers in the value of Open Source, Mojo Lingo maintains several telephony-related Open Source projects. Among these, we have created tools such as SippyCup and SIP Treadmill that enable creating and running voice load tests. We’ve used these tools to evaluate the capacity of client systems. With data from these test runs we can predict the resources needed to support the required call volumes as well as test the impact of various service failures.

WebRTC & Asterisk

Mojo Lingo is a leader in WebRTC application development since 2012

Mojo Lingo is a leader in WebRTC application development since 2012

Mojo Lingo has been building WebRTC applications since 2012 – before it was available to the general public. Combined with our deep Asterisk experience, Mojo Lingo is the ideal partner to learn about this new technology and how it can improve your business communications. Whether you see WebRTC as the easiest-to-deploy contact center softphone, a tool for creating seamless customer service experiences, or a key technology into an entirely new communication product, Mojo Lingo’s expertise is sure to be an asset.

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