Adhearsion 1.0 – Now Showing

Thanks to the hard work of many people in the Adhearsion community, I am pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of Adhearsion version 1.0.  Since Jay Phillips first began work on the project in 2006 Adhearsion has changed the way developers think about telephony applications.  Now with several years of operating experience and multitudes of applications deployed to production, it is time to acknowledge this important milestone.

What does Adhearsion 1.0 mean?

  • A battle-tested API. Adhearsion 1.0 has defined a well-tested API and it has been proven with over two years of real-world deployment experience.
  • A “stable” branch. Adhearsion’s exposed API will remain stable throughout this major version number series.  No backward-incompatible changes will be made, making it safer for developers to trust future upgrades.
  • Updated documentation. Thanks to Justin Dupree of Tropo, Adhearsion’s docs received a lot of TLC in the form of content updates and a migration to Github Wiki.  Check them out at
  • Gem-based Components. The final feature added to Adhearsion prior to 1.0 is the ability to install and use components via RubyGems.  Learn more about that in the Gem-based Components wiki page here.

To get your hands on Adhearsion 1.0 run, don’t walk, to your nearest command line and issue a sudo gem install adhearsion.

As always, don’t be a stranger.  We can be found on the Adhearsion mailing list, in IRC ( #adhearsion) and on the Adhearsion website.

PS: Come to the formal release announcement at AstriCon, room 6, at 1:45PM today!

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