Announcing Adhearsion 0.8.5

Adhearsion LogoWe in the Adhearsion community are happy to announce the release of version 0.8.5 of our framework.  Adhearsion is a featureful framework for developing Asterisk-based applications using the Ruby programming language.  This latest release adds exciting new support for XMPP within Adhearsion applications.  Additionally we have focused on fixing outstanding issues, improving documentation and including contributions from many new community members.

There are several easy ways to get Adhearsion:

New in this version of Adhearsion:

  • Support for connecting to XMPP, querying roster status, sending and receiving messages and other XMPP features.  A sample component is included to get you started quickly.
  • Allow routing calls into specific Adhearsion dialplan contexts using the AGI URI.  Example: agi://localhost/my_stuff will send the call into the “my_stuff” context.
  • Allow using static MeetMe conference room definitions
  • Extend logging objects into ActiveRecord and Blather
  • Dozens of smaller bugfixes and enhancements; see the CHANGELOG

Now that the Adhearsion API has been stable for nearly two years, we will be looking for a 1.0 release to be made in the next couple of months based on the current software.  The 0.8.5 version may be considered a 1.0 Release Candidate.  Our community is making a concerted effort to improve documentation, enhance examples, create shareable components and fix any remaining bugs in time for the big 1.0.

To learn more about the Adhearsion project, visit our website at  Our active community may be found on our mailing list or in IRC ( #adhearsion).

A special shout out to the following people who helped bring you Adhearsion 0.8.5:

And a thanks to all of the people who reported bugs on our bugtracker, sent us pull requests on Github, answered questions on the mailing list or in IRC, and generally made our community the awesome group that it is.  Thanks!

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