Bugfix release: Adhearsion 0.8.6

I have just pushed Adhearsion 0.8.6 to Rubygems.org.  This release fixes an issue that occurred when packaging Adhearsion 0.8.5.  Due to an overly restrictive umask setting, the previous gem caused issues for some users who installed the gem system wide (for example, with sudo) and then tried to run Adhearsion as a normal user.  This package fixes that issue.

In addition to the packaging problem, a handful of other small bugfixes are included:

  • Improved AMI reconnection logic actually works now
  • Added reconnect timer for AMI disconnects, and rescue ECONNREFUSED exceptions
  • Tweaks to parsing AGI means that we handle 500 AGI errors more gracefully
  • Fix recording audio when the format is not specified

As always, you can get the latest Adhearsion via Rubygems: sudo gem install adhearsion. You can also find us on Github.

We’re inching closer to Adhearsion 1.0!  Testing, feedback and bug reports welcome: http://adhearsion.lighthouseapp.com

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