What is Mojo Lingo?

When you’re launching a new way of communicating, you don’t just want it to work: You want it to work like magic.

The name Mojo Lingo derives from this idea of “magic speech:” that speech itself is magic, that the technology to deliver speech behaves like magic, and the opportunities for real human interaction enabled by speech are magic.  In an increasingly global economy where service providers may be separated from their market by arbitrary political boundaries, what has been lost is our ability to connect with clients, partners and stakeholders in a medium that is as natural as it is convenient and ubiquitous.  With the revolution in telephony over the past ten years (a revolution of technical, regulatory and commercial change), we have the newly rediscovered option of connecting with these people in real-time.  Historical limitations, such as the cost of an international phone call, are simply no longer present.

The revolution was sparked by the ability of the Internet to carry voice.  As it grew and matured, the capacity necessary for voice became available to a majority of Internet users.  Businesses, seeing the cost savings of connecting offices together without using the legacy telephone network, began expanding their voice infrastructure.  Today it is not uncommon for services to reside at one location while the agents or consumers of that service reside far away.

But at the end of the day, the technology is only a vehicle.  The real demand, and the real benefit, is the human connection that real-time voice applications deliver.  Applications that are context-aware, applications that can connect the caller with the right person to solve his problem at the right time, applications that cut costs while improving the customer experience.  After all, fusing data, web content and video with telephony should provide the kind of a rich, rewarding experience that makes your customers say, “Wow!” — and transform your business in the process.

Making it happen takes less heavy lifting than you might imagine. Today even small businesses can implement very sophisticated solutions. It just takes smart, highly specialized thinking. That’s Mojo Lingo — the people who make people say, “That’s awesome!”

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