AdhearsionConf 2011 Registration Open!

The second AdhearsionConf will be held in San Francisco on the weekend of October 8-9, 2011.

Ben KlangBen Langfeld and Jason Goecke, the team behind Adhearsion, will all be on hand for two days of talks, knowledge sharing and even some pair programming on all things Ruby and Telephony.  There will also be presentations from members of the Adhearsion community on interesting Adhearsion deployments, Adhearsion at scale, and more.  Finally, there will be an exciting announcement that promises to take Ruby Telephony far beyond its current state.

What is Adhearsion?

Adhearsion is the first fully-featured, open-source Ruby framework for creating telephony and voice-enabled applications.  In the age of the social web, what other technologies are more social than voice?  Adhearsion empowers your code to handle and route inbound and outbound Telephone, Mobile Phone, VoIP, and Skype calls automatically, just like you would handle normal web traffic.

Who should attend AdhearsionConf 2011?

  • Ruby developers who are already using Adhearsion
  • Asterisk or FreeSWITCH users who need to create sophisticated functionality
  • Telephony developers who are sure there MUST be a better way than all that XML…
  • Web 2.0 developer who would like to better understand how they can use Adhearsion and Ruby to open up their applications to a whole new audience and style of interaction.

If you’re not familiar with Adhearsion, here’s a video interview from InfoQ where Adhearsion creator Jay Phillips answers the question “What is Adhearsion?” More information, documentationcode examples and links to our community are found on the Adhearsion website.

All you have to do is REGISTER for FREE and get yourself to San Francisco in August.

Got something to share?  Fill out our Speaker Proposal Form!

Thanks to our sponsor, Voxeo Labs, makers of Tropo, we will enjoy the cozy spaces of NextSpace SF, as well as free food and beverages.

Thanks to Mojo Lingo for buying the first couple of rounds at the Saturday Night Adhearsion Drinkup.

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