EuRuKo Special: Adhearsion 1.1.0 Now Available

In honor of the awesome European Ruby Conference, EuRuKo, the Adhearsion team announces the release of Adhearsion 1.1.0.

Adhearsion 1.1.0 adds a couple of exciting new features:

  • A brand new interactive console. Like Rails console, the Adhearsion console starts in the context of Adhearsion with all libraries and dependencies loaded. Unlike Rails, the Adhearsion console will allow you to interactively control your telephone calls. AWESOME for troubleshooting and debugging, or just having fun with a friend.
  • A new exception handling model. When Adhearsion hits an unhandled exception, that exception is now routed to the new :exception event handler. We use this to allow Adhearsion to report exceptions via the fantastic Hoptoad service.

You can also view the full CHANGELOG.

Get Adhearsion, as usual via Rubygems, or view the sources on Github. Special thanks to Ben Langfeld for both contributing to this release as well as pulling off a wildly successful demo, live, on stage at EuRuKo!

EuRuKo has been an awesome event, with a large and active audience, incredible wifi, plenty of power outlets, and the largest screen under which I have ever had the pleasure to present (in Hi Def 1080p to boot!) Many thanks and hats off to the EuRuKo 2011 Berlin team for organizing such a great conference.

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