In Memorial: David Ryder

Earlier this week I received a phone call with tragic news: David Ryder had passed away on Monday, Feb 4th, 2013.

David was a visible and energetic member of the Adhearsion community, having presented at both the 2011 and 2012 AdhearsionConfs as well as contributing lots of testing, feedback, pull requests, documentation fixes, and more to the Adhearsion platform.  What makes this news even harder for us at Mojo Lingo is that David had accepted our offer of employment just days earlier, and was scheduled to be in Atlanta in less than two weeks.  We were all very impressed by David and excited to have his skills and easygoing humor join our small team.

As a memorial to his legacy, I’ve included the video from his presentation at AdhearsionConf 2012.  In addition to infusing his creative and genuine style throughout the presentation, he talks a lot about how he improved his skills through applied practice in Ruby, and how important the process of continual improvement is to being a good developer.  Perhaps David was providing us more than a lesson for development, and we are grateful he shared it with us.

Lessons Learned from 1.x to 2.x – David Ryder from Adhearsion Foundation, Inc. on Vimeo.

The Adhearsion community has lost a great resource and a great friend.  Our hearts and prayers go to his family, especially his wife and very young son, at this most difficult time.

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4 thoughts on “In Memorial: David Ryder

  1. Very much a cornerstone of the Adhearsion Community and a very talented developer, David’s absence will certainly be felt very hard by his professional colleagues, those who knew him in the community, his friends and most of all his young family. Such a terrible thing to happen to such a nice guy. The community is weaker without you David.

  2. After watching the video clip, I was struck with his backhanded plug for the importance of and his appreciation for the role of childhood game exposure in skills and career development. You can’t beat his honest, humble style for remarkable appeal. I did not know David, but I am so sorry for his family’s and the world’s loss of such a seemingly good and promising life.

  3. Since i received the news, I’ve spent most of my time just going through and reading my past chat history with David… Chatting with him throughout the day has made my days at work fly by in a haze of hilarious genius for the last year. I’m going to miss talking to him so incredibly much; my days will be less full. Whether talking about Ruby, Bend, beer, Adhearsion, games, movies, careers, programming, whatever, he was an incredibly generous and fun person.

    He was always passionate about Adhearsion, and he was ecstatic the last couple of weeks about coming to MojoLingo… I’m sorry you guys won’t be able to work with him, it would have been a blast for all.

  4. It has been mentioned in the news that a fund has been set up at Chase Bank in Bend, and contributions can be made to the David Andrew Ryder Memorial Fund at any Chase branch. Apparently David did not have life insurance, and leaves behind a wife and 2-year-old son. I’m sure they will appreciate any contributions to help them through this.

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