Voice Application Case Study: RingRx

RingRx is a cloud based communication tool that helps doctors easily communicate with their patients. The tool was created to solve common challenges with live answering services:

  • Cost – Live answering services are costly
  • Accuracy – Live operators are prone to errors, possibly with dangerous results
  • Speed – Calls from patients can be routed to the correct doctor more quickly by machine than by human
  • Regulation – According to the Association of TeleServices International, the probability for a live answering service to be the source of a privacy breach is very high. RingRx removed the potential HIPAA weakness by removing live operators.


RingRx wanted a custom voice application to reside within their existing data stack built to receive messages from patients and route to the current on-call physician. Initially, a programmer unexperienced with WebRTC applications was consulted. RingRx found that the final product couldn’t be completed to the agreed specs. This left RingRx running the risk of going over budget and well past their delivery timeline. RingRx came to Mojo Lingo looking for assistance in getting the application finished and functional.



Mojo Lingo provided RingRx with a tiered response to their challenge. The first tier was a code review of the work done by the first programmer. Mojo Lingo programmers used their expertise to target and remove bad code, while also helping the RingRx strategize a revised project roadmap. During the second tier, Mojo Lingo took over the development process and delivered a finished product that exceeded their expectations. Not only did the Mojo Lingo team deliver the project on time, but also on budget. The final tier is ongoing consulting support for RingRx to ensure proper functionality of the application.


RingRx was able to meet their deadlines and prepare their product for its Beta release. The Mojo Lingo team’s knowledge and commitment to the project helped save the deliverable for RingRx. The tool provides doctors with vastly more accountability over how patients can reach them. Additional services allow doctors to easily manage their availability schedule along with the device of their choice using web-based communications not possible with current systems.

“We were completely satisfied with everything Mojo Lingo was able to do for us. Not only did they salvage the work of the initial developer but they were able to propose a strategy to complete the work to our satisfaction. We had no complaints with Mojo Lingo and will continue to use them in the future.”
– Doug Parent, President, RingRx

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