The Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application

Over the last year, I’ve been gathering thoughts, speaking and listening at conferences, and working on applications with customers. These activities have shaped my thinking on the kinds of real-time communications applications that are available today, and the kind I think will be available tomorrow. As these thoughts have gelled, I have distilled them down to five key attributes, Five Tenets, that I believe are the fundamental points to be considered for developing tomorrow’s communications applications.

The Five Tenets

This introductory post marks the introduction to five articles, in which I will cover each of the Five Tenets. Each week, for the next five weeks, I will take one of the above tenets and explore it in greater detail. Here’s a quick overview:
Real Time Communications
* Adaptability – the ability for a conversation to adapt to the capabilities of each participant
* Fluidity – the ability for a conversation to move gracefully among modes (voice/video/text) and devices
* Contextuality – the ability for a conversation to become a part of, and enhance, existing activities or workflows
* Trustworthiness – the participants to a conversation will be in complete awareness and control of the contents of the conversation at all times
* Referenceability – the ability to store and locate past conversations for sharing and discovery

Inviting Conversation

WebRTC LogoI believe that, as individual practitioners and application designers, and more generally, as an industry, we have a long way to go. The communications revolution of the past 15 years has been all about making communication both inexpensive and mobile. And it truly has been a revolution. But the next 10-15 years will be about moving that communication to where it can be the most useful, the most contextual, and the most valuable. Communication will no longer be an island, carefully sheltered from the tasks which it supports. Instead, we will be baking communication directly into our business and into our process. Supporting technologies like WebRTC offer a glimpse of where this future may take us. This is the promise of RTC Apps, and at Mojo Lingo, we’re excited to get started building it.

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