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AstriCon 2014: Measuring VoIP Performance

October 23, 2014 @ 2:25 pm - 3:00 pm

AstriCon 2014

Tipping The Scales: Predicting and Measuring VoIP Application Performance

This is where we attempt to answer the oft-heard question: “Can it scale?”

Floating around the Internet are plenty of benchmarks and wildly varying of numbers that claim Asterisk can support some number of calls. But these numbers are often hiding important assumptions, and they rarely serve as a good predictor for the performance of a given deployment. What then should you measure, and how will you know what kind of load a given server can handle? What is the difference between concurrency and call rate, and when should you consider each? The real numbers come from how the telephony engine will actually be used. This talk will look at the various ways Asterisk gets used in the real-world, and how various features (passthrough, transcoding, recording, playback, and conferencing) impact the capacity of a given server. We will also look at some of the tools available for generating load and measuring the performance.


Red Rocks Resort
11011 W. Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV United States

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