An Auto Attendant with Mojo

Designed to solve the problems of the cloud PBX service provider, Mojo Attendant works like magic. The Mojo Attendant is a zero-touch system that automatically reads the names and extensions from your PBX and presents callers with a friendly auto attendant that lets your callers speak to navigate. It couldn’t be easier.


Our service provider customers have explained their problems to us: too much time spent initially configuring a new customer’s IVR, and then constant support requests for updates and changes. Mojo Attendant helps service providers reduce these costs while giving their customers a “Wow!” feature.


Mojo Attendant in action

See how the Mojo Attendant effortlessly handles incoming calls:


Natural interactions

Callers can ask the Mojo Attendant:

  • By full name (“George Smith”)
  • By partial name (“George”) – the system will prompt with all the “George”s found
  • By extension (“101” spoken or by keypress/DTMF)
  • By ring group/queue (“Sales”)
  • For a list of names (“Directory”)


Benefits to Cloud PBX Providers

Your customers struggle to create and maintain their IVRs. Those struggles turn into support tickets, which cost time and money to resolve. The Mojo Attendant is designed to eliminate that cost while also providing you a competitive differentiator. Now, instead of another boring “Press 1 for hours and information”, your customers can impress their customers with a slick speech-driven interface.


Key Features

  • Greets callers with the company name in a professionally recorded voice
  • Allows callers to speak the name or extension of the person they want to reach
  • Requires no modifications when extensions change – Mojo Attendant automatically knows who can be called
  • Presents lost callers with a helpful directory of names
  • Works with any SIP-based PBX


Drop-in Deployment

The Mojo Attendant is designed to be easy and risk-free to deploy:

  • Install the Mojo Attendant appliance into the Service Provider Cloud
  • Connect the Mojo Attendant to the PBX API (this is how it reads names and extensions)
  • Route incoming calls from the PBX to Mojo Attendant

That’s it! Mojo Attendant takes it from there.


Broad Compatibility

Mojo Attendant can work with ANY SIP PBX that provides an API for reading names and extensions. Out of the box, Mojo Attendant has integrations for:

  • FreePBX (including Elastix and PBX-in-a-Flash)
  • SwitchVox

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