Bringing Rayo to Reality

We first started talking publicly about Rayo at AdhearsionConf 2011, at the same time as we were talking about building the then-new Adhearsion 2.0. Rayo was announced as a 3PCC (third-party call control) API based on XMPP that not only was to be an open standard, but have open-source implementations from top to bottom. We’ve […]

Adhearsion Survey Results

A few weeks ago we put together a survey to gather data on how Adhearsion is being used in the wild, and what factors are important to the people and projects using it. This survey closed on Friday 10th May, and we’ve got the results for you right here in full (minus identifying information) to […]

Adhearsion on The Changelog

Adam Stacoviak and Wynn Netherland have released a new episode of The Changelog featuring the Adhearsion Project. Ben Langfeld and Ben Klang were interviewed to talk about the project, their views on the telephony world and lots of other interesting stuff. Check it with full show notes out over at The Changelog, or just listen […]

Adhearsion 2.0: It’s ALIIIIVE!

What a rush!  Today marks another milestone in the Adhearsion project: the release of Adhearsion 2.0.  There has been a fury of activity in the last few days as we have worked hard to update documentation and release a brand new look-and-feel for the Adhearsion website.  We hope you like it. So, with a small […]

Plugins in Adhearsion 2.0 – Part 2

Find Part 1 of this series here. In our exploration of a newly generated plugin, we have so far mostly looked at the facilities Adhearsion 2.0 provides to hook into the framework and your application. It is now time to actually build some new business logic, although it is entirely possible to have a plugin […]