Applied ASR

Speech recognition has always been considered a dark art, with complicated terminology, expensive software and bad user experiences. In this presentation we’ll discuss some speech recognition theory, give you a better understanding of how a speech recogniser works, explain how you can quickly and simply use speech recognition in your projects and explore some of […]

AdhearsionConf 2013

Old School Telephony meets the New School Open Web. The telephony landscape is dynamic, and changing at record speeds. What is driving these changes? WebRTC Telco APIs Universal Connectivity OTT Player Now in it’s fourth year, AdhearsionConf is the place to talk about these disruptions, changes and why you should care. The team behind Adhearsion, […]

StarTechConf 2013

Adhearsion 3: the future of Ruby communications At the outset of the project to build the second version of Adhearsion, we outlined our vision for the project: that Adhearsion 1 was a framework for building Asterisk applications, Adhearsion 2 is a framework for building voice applications (across three platforms), and that Adhearsion 3 would be […]

Bringing Rayo to Reality

We first started talking publicly about Rayo at AdhearsionConf 2011, at the same time as we were talking about building the then-new Adhearsion 2.0. Rayo was announced as a 3PCC (third-party call control) API based on XMPP that not only was to be an open standard, but have open-source implementations from top to bottom. We’ve […]

Adhearsion Survey Results

A few weeks ago we put together a survey to gather data on how Adhearsion is being used in the wild, and what factors are important to the people and projects using it. This survey closed on Friday 10th May, and we’ve got the results for you right here in full (minus identifying information) to […]