AstriCon 2014: Building Intelligent Assistants

Using Asterisk to Create “Her” In the film “Her” the protagonist falls in love with his computer, an artificial intelligence operating system. While most of us already love Asterisk, things really get interesting when we give Asterisk a voice, and the ability to listen to our instructions. Fortunately for us, Asterisk has impressive capabilities for […]

AstriCon 2014: Measuring VoIP Performance

Tipping The Scales: Predicting and Measuring VoIP Application Performance This is where we attempt to answer the oft-heard question: “Can it scale?” Floating around the Internet are plenty of benchmarks and wildly varying of numbers that claim Asterisk can support some number of calls. But these numbers are often hiding important assumptions, and they rarely […]

Adhearsion 1.0 – Now Showing

Thanks to the hard work of many people in the Adhearsion community, I am pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of Adhearsion version 1.0.  Since Jay Phillips first began work on the project in 2006 Adhearsion has changed the way developers think about telephony applications.  Now with several years of operating experience […]