Speech Recognition on Asterisk: Getting Started

Having talked with several people at various AstriCons and local Asterisk meetups, I’ve heard that many people have not tried to set up speech engines to work with Asterisk. This is a quick tutorial for the way that we integrate Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition engines with Asterisk. Start your Engines Before you dive into Asterisk, […]

ASIS International 2014: Partnering to integrate with STENTOFON

Voice activation software integrated with STENTOFON VoIP Intercom caters for effective office solutions and security solutions. Working with Stentofon’s TCIS-2 was a great exercise in creative thought. The intercom form-factor is not something that we work with on a daily basis, and this different form factor allowed us to come up with some new and […]

Voice apps in the real world

In my previous blog post I went through getting started with the Telephony Dev Box. However, most real-world apps are more than simply a telephony engine and Adhearsion. This post picks up where that one left off, and moves from ‘getting started’ into something a bit more real world. Here, we’ll build a complete development […]

Applied ASR

Speech recognition has always been considered a dark art, with complicated terminology, expensive software and bad user experiences. In this presentation we’ll discuss some speech recognition theory, give you a better understanding of how a speech recogniser works, explain how you can quickly and simply use speech recognition in your projects and explore some of […]