SpeechTEK 2015: Elements of Multichannel Real-Time Communication Applications

The technology that enables us to communicate is developing faster than the applications that would harness it. With access to multiple inexpensive audio, video, and communications technologies, combined with ubiquitous connectivity and pocket-sized devices, the stage is set for a renaissance in the way we communicate in real time. This presentation analyzes real-world examples in […]

A conversation on browser-based speech recognition

About a month ago, I got into a brief Twitter conversation with the brilliant fellow who wrote Annyang, Tal Ater. Twitter sadly does not do a great job of threading the conversation, but there were some excellent points made. I wanted to share them with the Mojo Lingo audience. You can read the whole exchange […]

Asterisk World / IT Expo East 2014

Finding the Money in Real Time Communications The business of providing real time communications services looks almost nothing like it did 20 years ago. With a low barrier to entry, the market very quickly became crowded, and prices fell to the basement. That business model is dead yet many in the industry are still trying […]