Adhearsion 2.0: It’s ALIIIIVE!

What a rush!  Today marks another milestone in the Adhearsion project: the release of Adhearsion 2.0.  There has been a fury of activity in the last few days as we have worked hard to update documentation and release a brand new look-and-feel for the Adhearsion website.  We hope you like it. So, with a small […]

Plugins in Adhearsion 2.0 – Part 1

The ability to easily add reusable functionality to a framework is one of the most important features. Plugins in Adhearsion 2.0 have been completely rebuilt to better suit the new structure and allow them to provide a wider variety of features. Controller methods, initializer code, specific configuration, rake tasks and included generators all are possible […]

Adhearsion 2: The New Menu DSL

Rapid and painless creation of complex IVRs has always been one of the defining features of Adhearsion for beginning and advanced programmers alike. Through the #menu DSL method, the framework abstracts and packages the output and input management and the complex state machine needed to implement a complete menu with audio prompts, digit checking, retries […]

Adhearsion 2: Call Controllers & Routing

In Adhearsion applications based on Adhearsion 1.x and earlier, the most popular way to write the meat of the application was directly in dialplan.rb, and applications would look something like this: adhearsion { case variables[:dnid] when /789/ +calls_to_the_top_secret_number else +everyone_else end } calls_to_the_top_secret_number { menu ‘choose-your-top-secret-operation’ do link.turn_off_the_lights 1 link.open_the_pod_bay_doors 2 end } turn_off_the_lights { […]