Challenges In Making Chat Contextual

This is a continuation of a series about a real-time communications app we are building with one of our customers. Features for managing conversations Since we had chosen XMPP as our communication platform, initially, we planned to use facilities built into that protocol. XMPP at its core is all about Presence (tracking whether someone is […]

Throngs at the Gates: Dealing with a large user population

When we first drew up plans to build this chat application, we looked hard at the natural boundaries that existed within the organization. It felt important to take advantage of the knowledge that we had internally to improve the chat experience. We were confident that we could apply internal knowledge to facilitate communication. There are […]

Building a chat app – Reinventing the wheel?

Should we Build or Buy? Team-based chat apps are so en vogue right now. There are numerous established players such as the popular Hipchat, exciting new-comer Slack, the venerable Campfire and the near-ubiquitous Google Chat Hangouts. Why would we build something from scratch rather than purchase one of these excellent services? Well actually, this organization […]

Walking the Walk: Build an Integrated Real-Time Communications Application

For the past 18 months, nearly every one of my public presentations about Real-Time Communications Applications has talked about the value of integrating the communications facilities with the business processes. In other words, the communications is simply a feature of the application, and not its main purpose. I gave some concrete examples that talked about […]