Connect.JS 2015: Video Killed the Telephone Star

When you want to talk to someone, where do you turn? Skype? Slack or HipChat? Maybe even an old-fashioned telephone? As great (or not) as these are, they all fail in one important way: Context. As developers, why don’t we enable our users to communicate where they are doing everything else, right inside the browser […]

Five Tenets: Contextuality

This post is part of a series on the Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application. Contextuality Perhaps one of the most important, and least recognized, tenets of an RTC App is Contextuality. Today, we have many communications tools available to us: telephones, instant messaging, video chats, Skype, Google, Slack, mobile phones, tablets […]

The Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application

Over the last year, I’ve been gathering thoughts, speaking and listening at conferences, and working on applications with customers. These activities have shaped my thinking on the kinds of real-time communications applications that are available today, and the kind I think will be available tomorrow. As these thoughts have gelled, I have distilled them down […]