EuRuKo Special: Adhearsion 1.1.0 Now Available

In honor of the awesome European Ruby Conference, EuRuKo, the Adhearsion team announces the release of Adhearsion 1.1.0. Adhearsion 1.1.0 adds a couple of exciting new features: A brand new interactive console. Like Rails console, the Adhearsion console starts in the context of Adhearsion with all libraries and dependencies loaded. Unlike Rails, the Adhearsion console […]

Adhearsion at EuRuKo 2011

Today kicks off the 2011 European Ruby Conference, EuRuKo, in Berlin. Ben Klang and Ben Langfeld are both in attendance and will be speaking on Adhearsion tomorrow at 3:45PM. The topic is “Getting Started with Adhearsion,” which will be a combination of slides and live code demonstrations. Have a question about using Ruby for Voice […]