Asterisk World / IT Expo East 2014

Finding the Money in Real Time Communications The business of providing real time communications services looks almost nothing like it did 20 years ago. With a low barrier to entry, the market very quickly became crowded, and prices fell to the basement. That business model is dead yet many in the industry are still trying […]

2013 AdhearsionConf Recap

A huge thank you for the over 50 attendees, speakers and sponsors who made the 4th AdhearsionConf a great success. During two amazing days, we were treated to exceptional presentations, inspired thinking, remarkable conversations and some notable surprises. More than 25 companies were represented, including: Clarity Telecom Digium Five9 Gogii Grasshopper Ifbyphone Isis Mojo Lingo […]

In-Call Apps (part 4 of 4): Attended Transfers

This article is part 4 of a series. If you have not already, check out Part 1: In-Call Apps with Adhearsion & Matrioska, Part 2: In-Call Apps: Please Hold and Part 3: In-Call Apps: Getting Interactive. In the previous post of this series, we finished off on-hold functionality. Now we have that working, we can […]

In-Call Apps (part 3 of 4): Getting Interactive

This article is part 3 of a series. If you have not already, check out Part 1: In-Call Apps with Adhearsion & Matrioska and Part 2: In-Call Apps: Please Hold Getting Interactive That’s all well and good, but a 5 second hold is kind of restrictive, don’t you think? Lets add a menu to the […]

In-Call Apps (part 2 of 4): Please Hold

Following on our previous article in the series, let’s talk about some of the building blocks for in-call applications. In this installment: placing callers on hold, and retrieving them. Please hold Well, first, we’ll start by defining the in-call app: require ‘matrioska/dial_with_apps’ class InboundController < Adhearsion::CallController include Matrioska::DialWithApps def run dial_with_local_apps ‘’ do |runner, dial| […]