Adhearsion 2.4 is here! FreeSWITCH! Rayo! JRuby! Speed!

This is a big week for the Adhearsion community. We’re announcing a total of three new releases: Adhearsion 2.4.0, Punchblock 2.0.0 (our abstraction layer) and Matrioska 0.1.0 (our in-call apps wrapper). Those are very round numbers, but what do they mean, and why is this exciting? tl;dr So, what will I get from Adhearsion 2.4? […]

Scaling ActiveRecord in Adhearsion

Using ActiveRecord with Adhearsion opens up a world of possibilities for highly dynamic voice applications, but what happens when you reach a large number of concurrent calls? Well, unless you carefully manage your database connection pool, things get a little tricky. Here’s the issue: you need to keep the number of connections to your database […]