Cloud vs. Premise: How to choose a Voice Application Platform

Recently, a question was posed on a telephony mailing list: “can anyone recommend a fast time-to-market development platform for voice apps? (Not LAMP + Asterisk)” My answer: It depends a bit on your requirements. Let’s take a look at two high-level options: Cloud vs. Premise. Cloud For a pure-cloud system, lets take a look at […]

Adhearsion Voice Platforms: A Comparison

When I’m at conferences or working with Mojo Lingo clients, I’m often asked about voice application projects that use the Adhearsion framework. I’ve noticed that the majority of newcomers to the Adhearsion community have already chosen the VoIP platform they want to use. While I don’t have exact numbers, anecdotal evidence suggests that more often […]

AdhearsionConf Returns for 2012

We have some exciting news: Not only is AdhearsionConf back for 2012, but we also have a new location. And not just any location: thanks to our friends at AT&T, we will be holding AdhearsionConf in the sweet digs of The Foundry, AT&T’s innovation incubator! Located in downtown Palo Alto, it’s only a short train […]

Adhearsion 2.0: It’s ALIIIIVE!

What a rush!  Today marks another milestone in the Adhearsion project: the release of Adhearsion 2.0.  There has been a fury of activity in the last few days as we have worked hard to update documentation and release a brand new look-and-feel for the Adhearsion website.  We hope you like it. So, with a small […]

The Beginning of the Next Big Thing: Adhearsion 2.0 Alpha 1

At the 2011 AdhearsionConf, way back in October 2011, the Adhearsion Team made grand promises about this shiny new piece of software called Adhearsion 2.0. We also made, what turned out to be, slightly optimistic statements about the timeline by which we would give you this shiny thing. Well, the bad news is that we […]