Connect.JS 2015: Video Killed the Telephone Star

When you want to talk to someone, where do you turn? Skype? Slack or HipChat? Maybe even an old-fashioned telephone? As great (or not) as these are, they all fail in one important way: Context. As developers, why don’t we enable our users to communicate where they are doing everything else, right inside the browser […]

Putting the Can in CanCan

Continuing work on our favorite Rails authorization library As many of you have read, I am announcing the CanCanCan project, a continuation of the popular Rails gem CanCan. This effort is a collaboration of the CanCan community continuing Ryan Bates’ excellent work to date. This article is intended to serve as the release announcement as […]

Coding To The Test

Coding To The Test Automated tests are a wonderful tool for improving the quality of your software process. The Rails community has fostered a strong culture of automated testing, and although we at Mojo Lingo work with telephony rather than web applications, we’re card-carrying Rubyists and believe in the value of automated tests. But there’s […]