WebRTC Game Cube Slam Puts You Face-to-Face With Your Competitor

In the last few years of working with WebRTC, we occasionally come across some fun, creative, offbeat, or even crazy uses of WebRTC. As app developers, we enjoy this kind of thing quite a bit. After all, it’s not the technology that is important, it’s the application of the technology. We’ve decided to start sharing […]

Putting the Can in CanCan

Continuing work on our favorite Rails authorization library As many of you have read, I am announcing the CanCanCan project, a continuation of the popular Rails gem CanCan. This effort is a collaboration of the CanCan community continuing Ryan Bates’ excellent work to date. This article is intended to serve as the release announcement as […]

What is Mojo Lingo?

When you’re launching a new way of communicating, you don’t just want it to work: You want it to work like magic. The name Mojo Lingo derives from this idea of “magic speech:” that speech itself is magic, that the technology to deliver speech behaves like magic, and the opportunities for real human interaction enabled […]