The Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application

Over the last year, I’ve been gathering thoughts, speaking and listening at conferences, and working on applications with customers. These activities have shaped my thinking on the kinds of real-time communications applications that are available today, and the kind I think will be available tomorrow. As these thoughts have gelled, I have distilled them down […]

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Atlanta–Public Safety

Come to an AT&T Public Safety Mobile App Hackathon to find out how, with the adoption of 4G LTE, law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel will finally leverage the same high-speed data networks the general public uses every day. Vaulting them into the world of networked communications, these first responders will need mobile apps to […]

IIT Real-Time Communications 2014: Anatomy of a Multi-Modal Real-Time Communications Application

The technology that enables us to communicate is developing faster than the applications that would harness it. As developers and integrators we have access to inexpensive text-to-speech, speech recognition, natural language understanding, several different varieties of text messaging, and even video, not to mention high-definition audio for voice. Combined with ubiquitous connectivity and pocket-sized devices, […]

VoIP Users Conference 507

Climbing up to the TADSummit Alan Quayle bring together some of the illustrious TADSummit 2014 participants. Truphone’s James Body is a VUC regular (VoIP Users Conference). “WebRTC magician” Ben Klang (Mojo Lingo), Luis Quina (Apidaze), Ivelin Ivanov (Telestax), John Elliot (Tropo) and probably more telecom development stars.