Adhearsion 2.5 is Here!

Today the Adhearsion core team would like to announce the release of Adhearsion 2.5.0, the latest feature release in the Adhearsion 2 series, which includes a selection of new features: Allow stopping all components executed by a controller when passing from it (#hard_pass) or at will (#stop_all_components) Generated plugins include a .gitignore file Detect something […]

The Beginning of the Next Big Thing: Adhearsion 2.0 Alpha 1

At the 2011 AdhearsionConf, way back in October 2011, the Adhearsion Team made grand promises about this shiny new piece of software called Adhearsion 2.0. We also made, what turned out to be, slightly optimistic statements about the timeline by which we would give you this shiny thing. Well, the bad news is that we […]

Adhearsion 1.2.1 is released

The Adhearsion team is pleased to announce the release of Adhearsion version 1.2.1. This is a bugfix release. A summary of the updates: Removed the restful_rpc component since it is now distributed as a gem. Allow overriding the path to a component in the testing framework so as to support new style components (lib/) Added a […]

Adhearsion 1.2.0 Released at Lone Star Ruby Conference V

Yesterday I (Ben Klang) announced the release of Adhearsion 1.2.0 during my presentation “State of the Art Telephony with Ruby” at Lone Star Ruby Conference V in Austin, Texas. LSRC has long been a supporter of the Adhearsion project and I felt it fitting to use the presentation there as the opportunity to make this […]

EuRuKo Special: Adhearsion 1.1.0 Now Available

In honor of the awesome European Ruby Conference, EuRuKo, the Adhearsion team announces the release of Adhearsion 1.1.0. Adhearsion 1.1.0 adds a couple of exciting new features: A brand new interactive console. Like Rails console, the Adhearsion console starts in the context of Adhearsion with all libraries and dependencies loaded. Unlike Rails, the Adhearsion console […]