Walking the Walk: Build an Integrated Real-Time Communications Application

For the past 18 months, nearly every one of my public presentations about Real-Time Communications Applications has talked about the value of integrating the communications facilities with the business processes. In other words, the communications is simply a feature of the application, and not its main purpose. I gave some concrete examples that talked about […]

Voice Application Case Study: RingRx

RingRx is a cloud based communication tool that helps doctors easily communicate with their patients. The tool was created to solve common challenges with live answering services: Cost – Live answering services are costly Accuracy – Live operators are prone to errors, possibly with dangerous results Speed – Calls from patients can be routed to […]

TADHack 2014 Madrid in Review

I’ve now been home from Madrid for a couple of days and have had a chance to reflect on TADHack 2014. TADHack was a must-see event for Mojo Lingo this year, and the reason is simple: it’s the only conference focused on connecting telecom service providers, developers and entrepreneurs. It does so with an ambition […]

TADHack 2014 – In-Call Application

During the hackathon, the in-call application developed by the Mojo Lingo/Fairwaves team aimed to install a service into the network that was delivering the calls. The following video explains the in-call app in more detail: We believe there is a tremendous amount of new opportunity that appears when the app can see inside the carrier […]