Voice apps in the real world

In my previous blog post I went through getting started with the Telephony Dev Box. However, most real-world apps are more than simply a telephony engine and Adhearsion. This post picks up where that one left off, and moves from ‘getting started’ into something a bit more real world. Here, we’ll build a complete development […]

AdhearsionConf 2013

Old School Telephony meets the New School Open Web. The telephony landscape is dynamic, and changing at record speeds. What is driving these changes? WebRTC Telco APIs Universal Connectivity OTT Player Now in it’s fourth year, AdhearsionConf is the place to talk about these disruptions, changes and why you should care. The team behind Adhearsion, […]

Atlanta Ruby Users Group 2013

Speech-Enabling Web Apps An overview of the technology options for adding speech to web applications. It covers the HTML5 Speech Input API for speech recognition, using the Audio tag with 3rd party APIs for text-to-speech, and an overview of WebRTC application possibilities.

Tests and Mocks in RSpec

Tests and Mocks A developer approaching TDD and BDD often feels flooded by new concepts and terminology that pop up in tutorials and blog posts. One such item is certainly mocking, referring to a specific class of testing framework functionality that allows for replacement of real objects with “stunt doubles”, composed of limited functionality and […]

In-Call Apps (part 4 of 4): Attended Transfers

This article is part 4 of a series. If you have not already, check out Part 1: In-Call Apps with Adhearsion & Matrioska, Part 2: In-Call Apps: Please Hold and Part 3: In-Call Apps: Getting Interactive. In the previous post of this series, we finished off on-hold functionality. Now we have that working, we can […]