WeirdRTC: YoPet keeps your pet from being lonely

In the last few years of working with WebRTC, we occasionally come across some truly unique, interesting, funny or even crazy uses of WebRTC. As app developers, we enjoy this kind of thing quite a bit. After all, it’s not the technology that is important, it’s the application of the technology. We’ve decided to start […]

TADHack 2014 Madrid in Review

I’ve now been home from Madrid for a couple of days and have had a chance to reflect on TADHack 2014. TADHack was a must-see event for Mojo Lingo this year, and the reason is simple: it’s the only conference focused on connecting telecom service providers, developers and entrepreneurs. It does so with an ambition […]

TADHack 2014 – In-Call Application

During the hackathon, the in-call application developed by the Mojo Lingo/Fairwaves team aimed to install a service into the network that was delivering the calls. The following video explains the in-call app in more detail: We believe there is a tremendous amount of new opportunity that appears when the app can see inside the carrier […]