2013 AdhearsionConf Recap

A huge thank you for the over 50 attendees, speakers and sponsors who made the 4th AdhearsionConf a great success. During two amazing days, we were treated to exceptional presentations, inspired thinking, remarkable conversations and some notable surprises. More than 25 companies were represented, including: Clarity Telecom Digium Five9 Gogii Grasshopper Ifbyphone Isis Mojo Lingo […]

Why You Should Care About WebRTC

WebRTC is the wind of change Mojo Lingo has had the fortune to work on some pretty interesting WebRTC projects early on. These projects were all very much proof-of-concept, and they were almost always frustrating, as the various browsers were constantly moving targets while the WebRTC spec was being decided. However, of late the spec […]

VoIP Users Conference #453

Mojo Lingo founder, Ben Klang will be discussing Sippy Cup and Telephony Dev Box. Sippy Cup is a tool meant to make it easy to generate and run load test profiles with SIPp. It can even generate media, making it much simpler to test IVR interactions with SIPp, which is normally somewhat painful to do. […]