Five Tenets: Adaptability

This post is part of a series on the Five Tenets of a Modern, Multi-Modal, Real-Time Communications Application. Adaptability In this first post on the Five Tenets of RTC Apps, I want to talk about Adaptability. In short, Adaptability is the quality of adapting the communications to the device and capabilities available. In the image […]

Voice Application Case Study: RingRx

RingRx is a cloud based communication tool that helps doctors easily communicate with their patients. The tool was created to solve common challenges with live answering services: Cost – Live answering services are costly Accuracy – Live operators are prone to errors, possibly with dangerous results Speed – Calls from patients can be routed to […]

Asterisk World / IT Expo East 2014

Finding the Money in Real Time Communications The business of providing real time communications services looks almost nothing like it did 20 years ago. With a low barrier to entry, the market very quickly became crowded, and prices fell to the basement. That business model is dead yet many in the industry are still trying […]

Welcome to the Real-Time Communications World

Just a few weeks ago we successfully wrapped up the fourth, and as it turns out final, AdhearsionConf. The beginning of AdhearsionConf coincided with my joining the Adhearsion project. We wanted a place where Adhearsion developers could gather and talk about the apps they were building. Over the years we’ve seen some pretty impressive things […]