AstriCon 2015: WebRTC: How it Works, and How it Breaks

WebRTC is an exciting new technology, perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to voice communication since the invention of Voice over IP. With WebRTC, we are no longer limited to a disjointed communication experience with poor quality audio on antiquated networks. Now we have the ability to put high-definition audio and video where it […]

ClueCon 2015 Recap

I’ve just returned from ClueCon 2015. It was easily the most successful ClueCon I’ve yet experienced. Besides seeing so many regulars from the FreeSWITCH community, I was pleasantly surprised by the increase in patronage from other VoIP worlds, especially Asterisk and WebRTC. Seeing so many friends in one place was great. ClueCon is really living […]

VoIP Users Conference 549: Preview AstriCon

A preview of the upcoming AstriCon 2015 included David Duffet (Digium), James Body (Truphone), Allison Smith (The IVR Voice), Tim Patton (Westhawk Ltd), Matt Jordan (Digium) and a few other scheduled presenters. Mojo Lingo founder, Ben Klang, previews his thoughts around the excitement of WebRTC, being perhaps the most exciting things to happen to voice […]

At The Intersection of WebRTC and Traditional Telephony

Since the beginning, Mojo Lingo’s focus has been building real-time communication applications. Our clients have often hired us because of our reputation as innovative and progressive; many of the applications we build are on the forefront of communications technology. One of the technologies we regularly employ, and the focus of this post, is WebRTC. Many […]